BIO. The Nordic Latina

Name: Linette Damsted

Skills: Artist, singer, songwriter and dancer (latin/mambo and modern). Catchy melodies, lyrics (+ spanish speaking)

Style & releases: Pop/indie. Debut single will be released in september with GL Music/Warner Music Denmark as distribution partner. Linette has had airplay at the danish broadcasting stations: P3, P4 and P6 Beat.

Goals: Writing for solo projekt MOZAÍK and get in contact with labels, promoters & bookers. Linette and her swedish producer own all the rights the songs of MOZAÍK.

Catalog: At the age of 15 Linette toured and performed at some of the biggest danish scenes such as Langelands Festival, Tivoli and Legoland Open Air. Linette has performed LIVE at the biggest danish TV station DR and  transmitted to approx 2 mil. Furthermore Linette sold approx 190.000 single records.

Life and songwriting

Linette grew up at the danish countryside in the Musical city Fredericia, but at the age of 18 years she moved to Copenhagen to sing, dance and study. When Linette was 13 year old she was admitted to the talent school Legoland Show Academy, which offered her 3 years of free lessons in singing, dancing and acting. Especially the spanish language, latin american culture and and latin dances has influenced her life. Sometimes so much that she is called The Nordic Latina.

Linette has worked with some of the biggest danish producer such as Chief1, who wrote and produced Vente Pa´Ca for Ricky Martin.

Recently Linette also worked with songwrither as Stacy Widelitz who wrote She´s Gone With the Wind for Dirty Dancing with patrick Swayze.

The beats and sounds of Linette’s new solo project MOZAÍK shows her knowledge of rhythms that originates from her improvisational dancing skills. Like many other female artist such as DUA LIPA, Camilla Cabello and MØ, Linette is a talented singer with an unique energy while performing. This is not something to miss out on.

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